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Scott Bower

Scott Bower

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Scott Bower

Scott holds a BPE degree from the University of Alberta where he majored in coaching at one of the top 10 Physical Education departments in the world. Scott was involved in the Olympic ice hockey training program for boys under 16, is an avid athlete, fitness expert and has a golf handicap of 8.

After traveling around the world in 1985~1986, Scott moved to Japan in 1987 to teach English and passed the level 2 Japanese proficiency exam in 1991. Between 1991~1997 he was hired as a consultant by the government of Alberta to conduct Japanese market intelligence surveys and produce big data on agricultural products. 

Scott taught English at Nihon and Chiba Universities, as well as running his own English school from 1998-2008.

Scott acquired his vehicle dealers license and founded the vehicle and parts export business Japan Car Direct LLC in 2006. JCD has grown into a globally recognized brand and is a trusted business partner specializing in the export of high end vehicles to Europe, performance cars to the UK and a large variety of vehicles to Canada and the USA.

In 2010 Scott began working with the World Sushi Skills Institute to translate their seminar content and exams for their globally recognized Sushi Proficiency Certification system, and has continued to work side by side with the WSSI including doing interpretation at the World Sushi Cup held in Tokyo every year since 2013. In 2017, Scott partnered with the All Japan Sushi Association, to create the World Sushi Skills Online Institute (WSSI) with the goal of bringing the correct techniques and hygienic methods of producing sushi and other traditional Japanese cuisine to the world