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Paul Oshiro

Paul Oshiro

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Paul Oshiro

Paul Oshiro is a Computer Scientist with over 20 years of experience in the High Tech Industry.

Back in the mid-90’s and fresh out of university, Paul played a key role in bringing Aplio (Net2Phone) –the world’s first standalone VoiP telephony adapter, to the Japanese markets.

Paul spent the following years working for various startups in the IT and Telecomm space. In year 2003, he joined the Consulate General of Peru in Tokyo. In year 2007, and due to his work achievements, Paul was named IT Adviser for the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In late 2007, Paul launched TuTV, the first subscription-based VOD streaming service in Japan targeting Hispanic markets. TuTV secured streaming rights with various Latin American TV networks. In year 2011, TuTV was acquired by a major Peruvian TV network and served as blueprint for their current content delivery platform.

In year 2012, Paul co-founded Binary Solutions, a Tokyo based IT Solutions Provider where he led various projects for clients in the video streaming space. In year 2013, Binary Solutions developed a High Speed Virtual Tunneling protocol (HSVT) which allowed access to geo-protected online video content regardless of the user’s location. HSVT was open sourced and its technology is currently being used by several VPN providers worldwide.

In year 2017, Paul partnered with the All Japan Sushi Association to co-launch the World Sushi Skills Online Institute (WSSI). WSSI is an Online Study and Certification Platform that aims to bring 200 years of Japanese cuisine to the World.

Paul holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University.